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Day Moth designed for women who value uniqueness, beeing significant and quality.
Our collection is focused on feminine silhouettes , natural materials and attention to detail.
We manufacture quality goods that is not only inspiring and easy to wear, but also unique.
Day Moth doesn’t just offer fashion for special moments in life;
'it offers a distinctive feel, which is what makes our products so unique'.

our story


Day Moth can be defined by its significant and simple style, by its values and by collections that play with fabrics, leathers, volumes and layers to create an experience, a feeling, that goes beyond the notion of simply getting dressed.
Drawing on traditional skills Day Moth is less about fashion and more about the pure enjoyment of shapes, volumes, layers and natural materials by HANDMADE.
We believe that less is more and this is why our pieces are timeless and unique. We want women to feel simple but significant, enabling them to create their own style and to experiment with their identity.
We source the most beautiful and quality goods and are making sure that our products are responsibly manufactured according to the highest ethical and quality standards. These are values we believe in and want to transmit to our customers.

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